How Buying Weed In Bulk Can Save You Money

One of the best consumer decisions one can make is purchasing stuff in bulk. Costco doesn’t rule for any old reason; people love saving money by buying more goods at once. You can put these principles to good use when scoring your weed, too – it’s our whole philosophy at Weed On A Budget.

When you’re browsing online for the best dispensary deals, few places can exceed the savings you get from buying in bulk. Purchasing an ounce of weed does look daunting at first, but that’s just because your brain only sees the price rather than the large amount of bud you’ll get delivered to you. It’s cheaper than buying your bud from certain retailers in small amounts in the long run!

What Does “Bulk” Mean In Weed Sales?

Across the industry, weed measurements are standardized to give customers and retailers a few guides in what can be a pretty turbulent retail environment. This means that an ounce, or 28 grams, is how consumers can buy their favourites in bulk quantities. The next size up is usually an eighth, or 3.5 grams, followed by half an ounce, then the ounce.

An average gram should pack two to three bowls, though this depends on the shape, size, and density of the bud you buy. It means that you can get very far on an ounce of weed, regardless of your consumption habits.

At Weed On A Budget, we sell a wide selection of premium bud in half-ounce and ounce sizes. You might see the upfront price and think it’s a higher price – because, at the time, it is more money – but the cost of our weed is lower than almost anywhere else because you get more product for your money!


How Buying Weed In Bulk Saves You Money

When shopping for weed, the brain doesn’t always interpret the price per gram and how it’s lower when you buy weed in bulk; rather, it focuses on the price you’d have to spend at one go. But an ounce is a lot – in fact, it’s two grams short of what you can legally purchase in Ontario at a time. 

Buying an ounce in bulk slashes the prices you’ll pay for weed, so thinking in the long-term, it gives you a lot of weed you’re going to smoke anyway. It can also meet the needs of casual weed consumers: kept in a jar or container, weed stays fresh for a very long time. If you’re in the habit of buying only one-quarter or pre-rolls every time, you’re still buying a lot of weed – you’re just paying a lot more. 

Buying in bulk gives consumers more weed for their dollar. If you’re looking for the best deals possible, buying in bulk will exceed your needs – and your bank account will appreciate the forethought.

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