What Is Kief?

Have you ever closely examined a cannabis flower? You might notice a coating of sticky crystals, and when these come off the plant, the accumulation is called kief. What is it, and why are more cannabis consumers making it a stashbox staple? 


What Is Kief?


keifKief, also called dry sift or pollen, is the resinous trichomes of cannabis. Typically, users encounter it when it accumulates in their containers, but now, growers and sellers know the potential. Now, many sellers sift these potent bits of cannabis from loose, dried buds with a mesh screen or sieve to create another product. 

While kief specifically is the crystalline formations on the tip of the resin glands in cannabis, the substance itself is just one part of the trichome, better known as the “hair” on a bud. These hairs have a purpose for the cannabis plant – the psychoactive experience they create in hungry herbivores is supposed to disorient the plant and keep it from consuming the rest. The distinct odour also attracts pollinating insects.

Luckily, the psychoactive effects of cannabis didn’t keep humans away; rather, it inspired us to learn more ways to enjoy the plant! One was figuring out how the loose bits of cannabis also had terpenes and cannabinoids, and we could use them for flavour and potency. 


How Can You Separate Kief?


Separating kief from the plant is easy. A three-chamber grinder can let you grind the cannabis finely while the terpene crystals fall through a screen, collecting in a small compartment. It has to have three chambers – grinders with only two let the kief go to waste, as the crystals fall off the bud and stick to the inside. You can also use a silkscreen to separate the kief from the plant matter with ease.

There are many good reasons to separate kief crystals from plant matter. Kief is an inexpensive concentrate, and you can get it off the bud without the need for expensive extracting processes or wax. After all, most people think of it as unusable leftovers at the bottom of their containers! It’s also a great way to consume weed in a way that reduces the amount of charred material you take into your body.


What Can You Do With Kief?


People love having some kief in their stashbox because it contains a high concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, much higher than what’s in the cannabis flowers from which it comes. When rolling a joint or filling their pipe, a sprinkle of kief adds depth to the flavour and aroma while kicking up the potency!

Another reason why kief is popular is that it is very versatile! Traditionally, kief would be pressed into cakes of hashish for storage and transport, but it can be vaporized or smoked in any form. The name for this precious material comes from its use with hashish – the word kief comes from the Arabic kayf, which means “well-being” or “pleasure.”

While you can extract kief at home, conveniently getting a lot of it is challenging for the average consumer. At Weed On A Budget, you can pick up kief from the Cotton Candy and Black Diamond. We also have pre-rolled joints laced with kief. Bring it home today and experience the hype for yourself!

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