What Is Shake And Why Buy It?

At Weed On A Budget, we know how many consumers think about the green in their wallets when choosing the green to smoke. Stretching a budget further is part of what we do! One budget-friendly cannabis product is shake. What is it, and why should you buy this product?


What Is Cannabis Shake?

Shake refers to the small pieces of dried cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds. Handling weed naturally causes bits and pieces to fall off and stay at the bottom of the bag. These scraps gather at the bottom of a container, being essentially the leftovers of your bud. (It’s also why we call it shake, as in the bits that shake off dried flowers.)

Crumbs of weed fall off at every step of the handling process. When you work large amounts of weed (as we do), you can collect the leftover scraps and resinous trichomes that fall off and combine them to make shake. While it doesn’t sound too glamorous, you’ll see that shake is easy to enjoy.

Consumers should note that shake is different from trim. Trim is the plant leaves that have trichomes on them; while it might provide a high, the harsh smoke will burn your throat first. Trim is an ideal product for extractions, not rolling into a joint. Shake, on the other hand, is suitable for both! 


Why Buy Shake?

The best reason to buy shake is the price – you get a lot of bang for your buck! Rest assured, the shake you buy from most suppliers is not the same as the leftovers you find at the bottom of your personal stash. When you’re storing a large amount of cannabis at home, a lot of leaves and stems can get into the mix. The results are probably not the best of your bud, but with a little careful sifting, it’s usable.

The shake you buy is a different product. When it comes from a legitimate supplier, shake is more likely to be a purer product – few-to-no leaves or stems that would fill out the bag. However, because the product is a collection of leftovers from different strains, the potency and taste can differ from batch to batch. While it might not provide a consistent experience, you get a lot of weed for a lower price.


How Can You Use Shake?

You can smoke shake like any other form of dried flower. However, the flavour can vary, and many consumers prefer to turn it into cannabis oil. Buying shake and extracting the THC is a cost-effective way to make homemade edibles.

Shake can also act as an excellent filler or topper for your joints. If there’s a little more space to pack into your blunt, you can use a bit of shake instead of grinding another flower. If you’re not a discerning smoker, you can roll an entire joint with budget-friendly shake!

As most users can agree, there’s no reason to waste cannabis. While a general standard for what constitutes shake doesn’t exist, you can rely on a quality supplier to ensure you get a refined product at a low price!

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