How Can I Get Free Weed?

Online sales of recreational weed are taking cannabis to more customers across the country. Canadians now have access to an abundance of online services. For most users, though, all their options have one thing in common: none of the products come for free.

Is no-cost weed just a dream? Is there a way you can score some cannabis for no money? They say the best things in life are free – Weed On A Budget has made that saying a part of our business model!

How Can I Get Free Weed?

Free WeedUnless you’re the one member of your friend group who doesn’t chip in, there are very few avenues to getting free weed. Even cultivating plants isn’t possible without some investment: lights, humid and temperature controls, seeds, and irrigation equipment can make growing cannabis at home a costly hobby!

So how can you get free, high-quality bud? We don’t suggest relying on your friends to keep buying on your behalf. The secret is taking advantage of loyalty programs! Much like those you find at your favourite grocery store, a good loyalty program can get you free products or deals on purchases in the future.


The Weed On A Budget Loyalty And Refer A Friend Programs

Cannabis retail loyalty programs are a way companies like us reward reliable customers. However, very few actually give customers free products. Usually, the programs filter the benefits through a confusing system of points. These aren’t very useful – how many unfinished punch cards are taking space in your wallet right now? Many loyalty programs are also offered by large companies with no incentive to just give customers free weed.

freeNot so with Weed On A Budget – we cut through the noise and simplify the process. Our Loyalty Program gives a free gram of concentrate or flower to those¬†making multiple purchases or orders. That’s it – no calculating your point totals or making sure you have the right log-in. As a company making deliveries and sending cannabis products across Canada, we want you to feel the love!

Another way you can get complimentary bud is by referring people to our services. When you introduce your friends to Weed On A Budget, you either get a 50% coupon code for your next order or be eligible for a free gram of concentrate or flower. Your friends will also earn a reward for becoming a new purchaser. Think of this as our way of saying thanks!

Weed On A Budget has a wide variety of menu items at affordable prices. On top of our low prices, the Refer A Friend and Loyalty programs are the only way you can score free weed without bumming off your friends. In fact, we make it simple to rely on friends in a whole new way!

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