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What’s The Deal With Our Indica Black Diamond Flower?

They say diamonds are forever (just ask James Bond), but they’re not very useful. We have a diamond everyone can enjoy – after trying our Black Diamond Indica, you’ll forever make it a staple of your stash! The strain has a complex aroma and relaxing effects that will captivate anyone who uses it – here’s what you can expect when consuming this premium bud. 

What Is Black Diamond Flower?

Black Diamond is an Indica hailing from Northern California. The strain is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, and it brings many of the attributes beloved in its parents. Blackberry possesses a balance between its Indica side and an active Sativa buzz. The resulting strain is beloved by consumers for its long-lasting effect and high potency, and connoisseurs also rave about its appearance: Black Diamond buds have a glittery trichome covering and purple colouring that makes it a beautiful gem to examine. 

Black Diamond is well-known for the unique taste and aroma profile, too. The strain’s smell and the flavour are musky, earthy, and hint at a deep red wine with a sweet grape aroma. It creates an enjoyable experience, but we recommend consuming Black Diamond flower in moderate amounts, lower if you’re new to cannabis: it’s a potent kind of cannabis! 


What Effects Does Black Diamond Have?

Black Diamond is known to cause fits of giggles, making it an excellent choice for hanging out at home with friends or your favourite TV show. Another would be that it gives a great sense of sociability to the user. Many users report feeling “cerebral happiness.” This strain tends to make consumers extremely hungry. Make sure you have some snacks in the cupboard!

Using the Black Diamond strain may bring you dry mouth and headaches. Conquering dry mouth may be easy. You, as the user, should always remember to have water nearby. Getting hydrated is a must, so remember to drink tons and tons of water to reduce your chances of getting dry mouth and headaches. 


Therapeutic Uses

One of the best effects for patients using Black Diamond for therapeutic benefits is the sense of physical relief that comes with consuming – it’s a great comfort to those who feel tired and worn down by their condition. Black Diamond is well-known for giving relief from pain and easing the symptoms of nausea and anxiety. It is the ideal strain for patients who need strong medication but still want to be sociable. 

As mentioned, Black Diamond can give users a serious case of the munchies. Many patients with conditions that reduce hunger turn to this Indica when looking to increase their appetites!

Black Diamond Indica is also an ideal choice for those who are very active. Users who exercise regularly and engage in strenuous physical activities may be more prone to muscle spasms or pain. This strain can help them relax naturally after hard workouts, reducing tension and helping them recover.

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