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Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain Information

You might know Bruce Banner best as the mild-mannered alter ego of the Incredible Hulk. We wouldn’t have the Hulk if Bruce just had a toke of his namesake strain! Bruce Banner – a.k.a. Banner and O.G. Banner – is a relaxing hybrid.

Get it while you can – expect Bruce Banner to increase in popularity thanks to its high amount of THC, the fun high, and the fact that we have this quad on sale!

What Is The Bruce Banner Strain


Weed on a budget –smokingBruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 60:40 Sativa/indica ratio. It comes from a combination of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its parentage comes through in the pungent diesel aroma with sweet undertones. The dominant flavour is a sweet one with hints of citrus. The bud has a thick resinous layer of crystals, giving it a frosty appearance. This frost doesn’t cover the bright, vibrant shade of green – they look like Bruce after he Hulks out!

While connoisseurs will appreciate the taste and aroma profile, everyone will love the massive dose of THC: Nearly 29% in some tests! On top of packing in a lot of punch into dense nuggets, Bruce Banner is well-known for being a relaxing strain that doesn’t make you sleepy. The head high is intensely euphoric, instigating creativity and a whole-body mood boost. You’ll find your energy levels will go up, with the mental stimulation turning wonderfully into a physically relaxing high. 

This homage to the comic book hero works much like the reverse of gamma radiation – it could turn the Incredible Hulk himself back into your average scientist. If you’re working on genius ideas like Bruce Banner, it’s great for staying mindful, sharp, focused and alert. It does all this while relieving any physical body pains – making it the ideal choice for patients.


Bruce Banner Is An Ideal Medicinal Strain


Bruce Banner is a Holy Grail for patients seeking the strongest high while not becoming sleepy – ideal for daytime use. Bruce Banner is a highly effective way to treat chronic pain, and it’s also for anyone handling anxiety, depression, nausea, and chronic fatigue. If you’re stressed out, all your pent-up physical discomfort will ease into a buzzing and relaxed state.

The amount of the therapeutic cannabinoid CBD in Bruce Banner is low, meaning it’s not the ideal choice for health conditions that best respond to it. 


What Are The Side Effects Of Smoking Bruce Banner?


Weed on a budget –rolling weedDue to its high THC content, Bruce Banner can come with dry mouth and bloodshot eyes as common side effects; newbies or those with low tolerance might find themselves with a bout of dizziness or paranoia. We suggest you don’t take too much in one sitting – enjoy the experience and you’ll have a great time!

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