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5 Types Of Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana can be consumed in a wide variety of ways, thanks in great part to the variety of concentrates available and new ones being discovered all the time. Some are gooey and some are oily, while others crumble under pressure. How do you use cannabis concentrates? Read on to discover 5 popular kinds, how they’re used, and what they can do for you.



One of the more common concentrates on the market, CBD oil is used to treat a range of symptoms by bringing the body to homeostasis. It can be purchased at most shops or made at home with the proper equipment. Sit back and relax as the silky earthiness of concentrated CBD oil promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension.




ConcentrateRosin is packed with natural flavour as there are no additional solvents involved in its creation. It’s similar to tree sap in consistency and has a potent smell. Consume rosin by smoking it, incorporating it into edibles, or dabbing – though rosin loses some of its potency at around 600 degrees.




Not to be confused with cannabis-infused dairy butter, this waxy concentrate is thick, creamy, and extremely potent, averaging 90% THC. Like its namesake, budder requires a vigorous whipping process as part of its distillation. As such, it can be a challenge to find and comes at some steep prices, but its versatility in edibles is unmatched and dabbing it leads to very flavourful highs.




ConcentrateNamed for its glass-like consistency, the highest quality shatter is bright amber in colour and is best enjoyed for its high THC levels, though CBD shatter is also available. This concentrate leads to truly epic highs if vaped or dabbed, but consuming it unheated will not produce any significant results.


Ice Hash


Also called bubble hash and water sift, ice hash is solvent-free and bubbles when smoked. It gained its name from its distillation process: straining marijuana in the presence of icy water. Usually it is consumed by dabbing, but try crumbling it atop a bowl of your favourite strain for an awesome boost in potency.

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