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THC: 24%
CBD: 1%


Punches and Cream is a rare indica-dominant strain, known for its long-lasting effects and delicious flavor. Although the original breeder remains unknown, our batch came from Cultivate in Las Vegas. It is believed to be a cross of Purple Punch and Cookies and Cream.

The Chunky and oblong buds are bright and mostly yellow. Fuzzy trichomes appear to wrap the buds in gold braids, with clumps of orange pistils scattered about. The green and purple leaves that are hidden underneath this mass of trichomes and pistils, peak out in a few spots.

This strain has a floral, rosewood aroma, with strong hints of sweet berries and citrus. The flavor is similar, with a fruity taste of sweet grapes and sour citrus preceding the spicy cinnamon aftertaste.

Users report a mellow, but manageable, cerebral euphoria, despite the consistent 21+% THC content seen in the Punches and Cream lab data. The true joy in this strain lies in what users describe as a narcotic-like body buzz. Although many users found relief from chronic pain, cramps, and migraines, with an apparent sedation of the nerves and muscles, most reported solid energy levels, with some users experiencing enhanced focus and motivation. Punches and Cream may be worth a try for those indica lovers who can’t afford to be incapacitated, and wish to keep productive. Many users reported a more restful sleep as well, once again showcasing the versatility of this strain. A truly versatile indica dominant hybrid, reviewers say Punches and Cream can be appropriate for a wake and bake session or an evening rewarding smoke.

Whether its dinner and a movie or just to get the blood flowing to start the day, and anywhere in between, Punches and Cream seems to suit many users well.



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