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THC: 33%
CBD: 1%


The Mike Tyson strain is the champion of the weed world. Named after the prolific boxer himself, Mike Tyson is a purebred indica strain that delivers a potent punch! This undisputed heavyweight champion packs 31-33% THC in each of its buds and is sure to knock you out before you even know what hit you. Offering users a strong body stone that relieves pain, stress and insomnia, this strain is not for the faint of heart!

The Mike Tyson strain has been making its rounds around the world since its creation in early 2011 by the seed masters over at Canna Clinic. Like the fists of the boxer this strain shares names with, Mike Tyson’s buds are large and in charge. Chunky and solid in structure, these nugs are dense with a tight core. Mike Tyson’s leaves are olive green with deep red pistils interspersed throughout. Rust-coloured trichomes complete the look, coating the bud inside and outside with a thick layer of potency.

Secondly, we’ll move on to the aroma. Mike Tyson, like many other indica strains, has a rich and fragrant scent. Open up the bag and your nose will experience notes of dank and earthy soil followed up by hints of hash and spice. On the exhale, Mike Tyson more of the same but with a delightful and aromatic smoke that’s harsh on the lungs. But, don’t be misled, the harshness gives way to sweeter notes of pungent skunk. With such an aromatic aroma, you better enjoy this strain away from the public!

Experience-wise, this strain delivers in the indica department. Like many athletes, Mike Tyson needs a few minutes to warm up before getting into action. After 10 to 15 minutes after smoking up, the effects will hit hard and fast. The body stone rises steadily until it comes to a crescendo to knock you down. You’ll feel relaxed and easy but not too sedated. Next, slight sensory perception follows along with some time distortion. Seconds turn into minutes as feelings of haziness and confusion wash over you.

As these feelings elevate, the body high continues to escalate. Relaxation turns into sedation as waves of tiredness wash over you. You’ll feel as if you fought 10 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson himself! With such potent effects, this strain is definitely not for novice smokers. With such heavy-hitting physical effects, this strain is perfect for medical marijuana patients. This heavy indica can relieve stress, dull pain, ease anxiety and cause even the heaviest insomnia sufferers to pass out. If you’re looking for a knock-out strain, you’ve found it!



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