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THC: 30%
CBD: 1%


THE LA KUSH CAKE STRAIN IS A CALI FAVORITE!! California is the epicenter of cannabis culture in the United States. Dozens of weed strains have been created in the state, with new drops coming out on a seemingly weekly basis. One cannabis strain that is quintessentially California is LA Kush Cake. Also called Los Angeles Kush Cake and Kush Cake #11, this indica-dominant hybrid results from a collaboration between two well-known and respected Cali breeders. A creeper strain by nature with potent effects that slowly ramp up, LA Kush Cake is a smooth and silky variety that even heavy hitters revere.

LA KUSH CAKE STRAIN GENETICS. LA Kush Cake was created by hype weed pioneers Seed Junky Genetics and Liberty Health Sciences. The strain is a cross between the super famous Wedding Cake and the equally notable Kush Mints. LA Kush Mints took home first place in the 2019 Emerald Cup, a revered California cannabis competition. Wedding Cake and Kush Mints have similar family trees, with branches zig-zagging around one another. They share Animal Mints as a parent, a descendant of the game-changing GSC strain (also created in California). Other ancestors include Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, Durban, and the White. While some of these are landrace strains native to Asia and Africa, many of LA Kush Cake’s genes come straight from the West Coast.

WHAT MAKES LA KUSH CAKE SO UNIQUE? With so many weed strains out there, you may wonder, how is LA Kush Cake any different from the rest? The answer lies in the strain’s blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the active ingredients that power LA Kush Cake’s high. The most prominent cannabinoid in LA Kush Cake is THC, averaging anywhere from 18-30% of the bud’s chemical makeup. It’s also known to have CBG, a minor cannabinoid often used therapeutically. Terpenes are the other main driver of a cannabis strain’s individual experience. These are the compounds responsible for the flavor, smell, and effects of cannabis (and, actually, all plants!). The LA Kush Cake terpene profile leans toward citrus with hints of vanilla mint. The primary terpenes are limonene (also found in lemons), caryophyllene (present in peppercorns), and myrcene (typically seen in mangoes). Open a jar or bag of LA Kush Cake, and you’re likely met with an intense yet sweet aroma with notes of dough and gas.

COOL, CALM, COLLECTED: LA KUSH CAKE EFFECTS. LA Kush Cake was an instant hit when it first appeared in the California market and has since spread like wildfire across the country. People love the strain thanks to its potent and relaxing effects. While they may take a few minutes to ramp up, it’s definitely worth the wait. Many people report feeling absolutely zonked after a few puffs. Since LA Kush Cake can quickly knock you out, it’s best consumed after hours. Speaking of which, many reviews on Leafly indicate feeling aroused after smoking LA Kush Cake, so consider sharing a smoke with your sweetie before bed for some sensual fun.



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