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THC: 30%
CBD: 1%


Hailing from Colorado, this strain resulted from the teamwork of the Cookies Fam brand and Powerzzz Genetics. It’s currently licensed by Veritas, another Colorado grower. It is the result of uncommon strains — The Y and Snowman. The variety was first developed by an exclusive breeding project in 2013, but it didn’t receive the approved Gary Payton name until a branding effort in 2019.

The Gary Payton strain kicks in quickly, giving you a head rush as the tingling spreads to the rest of your body. It’s best enjoyed in smaller doses due to its high THC and 0% CBD content. The THC level can be 25% or higher. As a balanced hybrid, it’s not too relaxing or too stimulating for everyday use. Despite the fact that this strain is known for triggering paranoia and anxiety in some people, it’s also popular for treating anxiety among medical marijuana users. It’s all about the dose with Gary Payton, which is similar to how the Triple Chocolate strain works.

Individual buds grow in a cone shape that makes them easy to break up. Proper growth and curing result in a tight bud that will feel heavy. The appearance can vary, but it tends to have a bright green background color with splashes of lavender purple and golden hairs. This makes it easy to confuse with many other Cookies strains based on appearance alone, but the spicy flavor makes it stand out from the pack. The primary terpenes for this variety include Alpha-Humulene, Linalool, and Beta-Caryophyllene. Some users report that the odor is strong, so it’s not the most ideal strain for situations where you are trying to be sneaky.

Despite being slightly sativa dominant, this strain is relaxing and chill all the way. You’ll be apt to discuss your favorite stats or rewatch those classic games while indulging in Gary Payton. It’s not too different from other strains from the same breeder like Girl Scout Cookies OG in its balanced effects, but the flavor is definitely unique.



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