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Trichome Knowledge

Cannabis trichomes are tiny, glandular hairs that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. These are located on the surface of the plant, covering the leaves, buds, and flowers. Trichomes play a vital role in the plant’s system. They also provide many benefits to humans, including medicinally and recreationally. Keep reading to learn more about cannabis trichomes!

What are cannabis trichomes

Trichome KnowledgeCannabis trichomes are microscopic hair-like growths found on the surface of cannabis plants. The resin these trichomes create contains a variety of powerful cannabinoids and terpenes which offer important health benefits when taken medicinally. Additionally, many of these trichomes can produce strong odors and flavors that give each cannabis strain its unique characteristics. Therefore, trichomes serve both a functional and medicinal purpose, making them an integral part of the overall marijuana experience.

The different types of trichomes found on cannabis plants

There are several types of trichomes found on cannabis plants, including capitate-sessile, bulbous, and stalked glandular trichomes. Capitate-sessile trichomes are located primarily around the calyxes of flowers and create a layer of resin that protects them from external elements. Bulbous trichomes contain the largest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes which give the plant its distinct aroma and flavor profiles and can be observed on top of leaves. Finally, stalked glandular trichomes are more dominant and elongated than other types present on cannabis plants and can be found clustered along the stems. Trichomes have a variety of functions in the plant life cycle that aid in the protection and health of cannabis plants.

How to identify healthy trichomes during cultivation

During the cultivation process of cannabis, it is essential to regularly check for healthy trichomes. The most accurate way to assess a plant’s maturity or health is by looking at the trichomes on the flowers’ surfaces with a magnifying glass. Healthy trichomes will appear shorter and more opaque when observed through magnification. In contrast, unhealthy trichome heads can be easily identified as they may appear darker, thinner, and longer since the plant has been over-watered or over-fertilized. Identifying healthy trichomes during cultivation is key to ensuring the highest quality product possible.

What colour of trichomes for cannabis harvesting

Frosty Cannabis BudsWhen it comes to harvesting cannabis, trichomes are used as an indicator of when the plant is ready. Trichomes should appear a milky white or amber color and be visible when using a magnifying glass. When most of the trichomes have turned from transparent to cloudy white or amber in hue, this is usually the best time to harvest the plant for optimal potency. Harvesting too early can result in a less potent product, while harvesting too late can cause the cannabinoids and terpenes to degrade due to oxidation.

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