The Different Grades of Weed: AA – AAAA+

Marijuana is graded on a scale of AA to AAAA+, with each letter representing a different level of quality. The higher the grade, the more potent and expensive the weed will be. Read more to learn about the different grades of weed and what they mean for consumers. We will also talk about how to spot high-quality marijuana and what to look for when buying it. Keep reading to learn more!

When it comes to weed, there are different grades that indicate the quality of the product. Some strains are better than others, and some growers take more care in producing high-quality marijuana.

AA Quality Cannabis


weedThe lowest quality of cannabis is AA. This grade is typically sold at a lower price than the other grades and is less potent. The buds are small and not as dense as the higher grades. AA flower might be too dry or too damp. Sometimes dispensaries will have cheap AA+ outdoor weed deals that are good prices.


AAA Quality Cannabis


AAA quality cannabis is a step up from AA. The buds are larger and denser. There may be fewer stems and seeds, and the overall appearance is better. This weed is also more potent than AA grade weed. AAA cannabis is affordable quality cannabis for most cannabis consumers.


AAAA+ Quality Cannabis


weedThe highest quality of cannabis is AAAA+. This weed is very potent and has large, dense buds. The overall appearance is excellent, and this weed commands a higher price than the lower grades. AAAA+ premium cannabis is always worth the price for the quality. Shop AAAA+ online here at our dispensary.

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